9 Creative Ways to Display your Plants at Home

9 Creative Ways to Display your Plants at Home

Calathea Double Leaf Necklace

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Now where were we? Ah yes, it’s time to get down and decorative. I’m sure you’ve heard of the geometric wall-hanging planters from Target or those boho-chic macrame plant hangers on Etsy, but today we’re thinking way outside the planter box. Our plants are fixtures of our home, and how we display them should be as unique as they are. Here are 9 of our favorite ways to display and be sure to share your ideas in the comments below!

1. Paper Bag Pot

Paper Bag Pot

Who needs a $40 ceramic pot, or dress, when you and your plants could make a paper bag look good! These paper bags are designed to fit around your planter pot and are waterproof, so they are perfect for providing drainage for excess water. These bags are serving earthy boho, and they’re durable too, so they can be reused and even displayed outside. Plus, they’re easy on your budget. Pick up a 4”x4”x8” recycled material pot from the Etsy shop VKModern for $4.

2. Ring Acrobat Plant Holder
Ring Acrobat Plant Holder

Photo credit: Marisa Vitale

I was perusing the internet and came across these super cool circular plant holders. These solid brass rings are sold individually and come with a rope so you can hang the fixtures from the ceiling or from a rod (pot not included), and I mean come on, your plants are going to have so much fun. If they aren’t professional ring acrobats after this, then they’ll have to give up on their dreams and take an office job in your WFH space. Get the plant holder from Norwegian Wood for $69. And did I mention that these are made in Los Angeles?

3. Air Plant Jewelry Holder

Air Plant Jewelry Holder

Photo Credit: RusticSoulPottery

You can’t blame me for combining our two favorite things! This holder would be great to display an air plant, or try this multi-tray jewelry rack that can hold a mini succulent pot or two.

4. Homey Hook Hangers

Homey Hook Hangers
Photo credit: Carina Romano

This is a cool mud-room idea. You can hang a rod from any wall, door frame, or window frame, and hang your plants from its hooks. I like this one because you can hang other plant themed décor, or a watering can like they did here, and easily switch your plants around. Opt for pots that have built-in hooks, like these pots from Amazon, so you can hook your plants anywhere with ease.

5. Hello, Plantelier

Hello, Plantelier
Photo credit: Mandy Palasik

Even though I’m avoiding commitment this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a team player and make a plant chandelier for all of us to gawk at. This chandelier is the focal point of a loft apartment in Pennsylvania, and I’m sure you can guess that the creator of this gorgeous chandelier is an architect. Her plantalier is 3 years in the making, she found the wire frame of an old chandelier in a vacant lot and went from there, but how fun is this idea?! For a ready-to-hang option, check out this industrial plantelier from Etsy store Bloom Loft.

6. Test Tube Time

Test Tube Time
Photo credit: Margaret Wright

The variety of plants gives this display a modern, apothecary-esque vibe, and you can set these test tube racks on a counter or desk if you don’t want to hang them. There are a lot of different racks out there to meet your aesthetic needs, like this Gothic test tube stand from Alchemist Storage.

7. Cookware Pots

Cookware Pots
Photo Credit: Bev Wilson

Those of you who know me know that my other passion is cooking and baking, so I loved this repurposed pot idea. Maybe it’s a pot you’re thinking about throwing out, or one you don’t use that often, but this just makes sense for your kitchen. How cute would a succulent be in this miniature copper pot from CrocoStudios.

8. Beauty and the Sconce

Beauty and the Sconce
Photo credit: Minette Hand

Candle holders can easily double as plant pots to transform any wall sconce into a leafy display that will light up the room. No need to trade in light for plants either, these mason jar wall sconces allow you to have the best of both worlds.

9. Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets
Photo credit: Jacqueline Marque

These woven baskets make great shelves for any décor you want to display and can hold plants for a much-needed pop of green on your walls. These baskets from CatelliGoods will furnish a new spot for your plants and add dimension to any space.

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