Our jewelry has a lifetime guarantee to never fade, tarnish, or lose its color. Made with high quality 18k gold and 316L stainless steel, our pieces have a distinct, vibrant look and are sweat and water resistant.

jewelry to express your passion

We started Fourteenth Avenue to help people share their passion through their jewelry. Join our community of plant lovers, tenders, and enthusiasts who look good and feel good wearing our Houseplant Collection. We hope you enjoy our designs as much as we do!

  • Expression

    Make an impression with the best expression of yourself. Fourteenth Avenue strives to be the graphic tees of jewelry by creating collections that express our community's passions, values, and interests.

  • Connection

    We aspire to connect people who share common goals and interests by maintaining an accessible community that is fun and welcoming. We aim to offer products at affordable prices and invite interaction, feedback, and suggestion.

  • Cultivation

    Our goal is to cultivate a brand that will last, which is why we value quality and sustainability. In addition to using the same materials used to make Rolex watches, we prioritize packaging that is recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, and/or plant-able for the conscientious consumer.

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